“What is a Poised Life?”

I get this question a lot. For me to explain, I will start with the definition of poised:

  • It means to be balanced.
  • It means “having a composed and self-assured manner”.
  • It means “be ready to do something”

This is exactly what I believe we all need to be striving for.

“To be self confident in all that we do and always be ready to do something positive.”

This is not an overnight success, a gimmick or a fad. This is a lifestyle. This is a way of thinking, a way of being to a better life: mind, body & spirit! There needs to be balance between all 3 parts or the structure falls, our lives fall apart. If you focus too much on one aspect and allow the other 2 to fade away, then this invites imbalance into your life that leads to disease. Take the example of a triangle: when one side is taken away, it can no longer provide support and all 3 fall. The same happens in our lives. So maintaining a good balance between all 3 is vital. Now our lives are not perfect but that is what balancing is, it’s not perfect. It teeters and totters just like anything in life but it can stay balanced.

606999446354953 As your Nurse Wellness Consultant, I am committed to helping you reach your health goals, in restoring that balance we all need. I believe that one plan of action does not fit all. I think outside of the box. What works for you may not work for someone else.  I will work with you and tailor your plan of action around your specific goals, schedule and lifestyle.

Think of me as your personal registered nurse. who is a click away to all the health answers you want and need. You can ask me what you want to know about health, wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, wound care, stress, pain, inflammation and soon even diabetes management.


Contact me:

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